Come and see our big selection of annuals. From Alyssum to Zonal green leaf geranium and everything in between, we've got the lot.

There are simply too many to list.


If there's something unusual you're looking for don't hesitate to give us a call on

01282 850649 and speak to John or Mick.

Come and see...

 We keep an ever growing range of stock including the more unusual perennials and plants .

We have a large range of perrenials including hardy plants - Agapanthus, Alstroemeria, Astilbes, Campanulas, Delphinium, Dicentra, Ferns, Hostas plus many more some of which are quite rare.

We also have a massive collection of Alpines which include: Alyssum, Arabis, Aubrieta and Sedums.

We have a huge amount of both evergreen and deciduous shrubs from rhododendrons, magnolias, ilex hydrangeas, to the more exotic: Yuccas, cordylines and tachycardias.


There are just too many to list. Plus we stock a seasonal supply of heathers all year round.

Gardening is never enjoyed

when rushed.

Take time out, relax and enjoy a stroll amongst

our plants.

No garden should be without a tree, from the very small to the very tall, we stock it all. For that large gap what about a redwood only 375 feet high or a flag pole cherry for the small?

We have tree stakes, ties & feed to get those trees starting on the right foot.


From the soft fruit of Kiwi, Strawberries, Raspberries, Currants, Gooseberries, Rhubarb and Berries to the Fruit Trees.


Apples - Bramley, Cox's, Discovery, Golden Delicious, James Grieve, Katy


Pears - Conference, Williams


Plums - Czar, Merryweather, Opal and not forgetting the Victoria


Cherries - Stella, Sunburst and Napoleon


Please note we have many more varieties of fruit trees like the medlar for example.



Why not have ago at a topiary box or bay from shapes like balls, pyramids, twirls,birds, rabbits, to the standard balls?



We stock a good supply of hedging plants from, Beech, Yew, Leylandii, Laurel, Hawthorn.


Climbers like Actinidia, Campsis, Clematis, Ivy, Hydrangea, Honeysuckle, Wisteria.



Evergreen Conifers like Aries, Codeus, Chamaecyparis, Aralicardis, Cryptomeria, Cupressus and Juniperus are available all year round.



All kinds of roses such as the David Austin, Patio, Climbing, Shrub Ground Cover, Floribunda, Hybrid Tea Roses and Standard Roses are all on sale here.

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